Tuesday, December 1, 2009

MSc in Management programme - France

The MSc in Management programme proposed by EMLYON Business School, may be the appropriate response to your expectations.
If you first have developed skills in engineering, litterature, law, or whatever academic field rather far from management issues, then you may be attracted by the MSc in Management curriculum.This is a general management programme, which enables you to build a tailor made curriculum, which will emerge progressively and will be consistant with the professionnal project you will define more and more precisely during the programme.
If you have already prepared a bachelor degree in management, then you may have more precise perspective regarding your professionnal project. You may feel like you need to specialise during your Master curriculum. You will have the opportunity to involve in a special track, which will enable a specialisation either in marketing, in controlling or in corporate finance. Academic courses, internships, master dissertation will focus on the issues connected to your specialisations and definitely develop specialised skills which will be recognised by the companies as future employers.

more detials : www.study-france.info

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