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ADVANCED MASTER'S in Strategy and Management of International Business

ADVANCED MASTER'S in Strategy and Management of International Business
A dual competency to master the complexity of a global business world
Full-time program
Taught in English or in French (depending on the track chosen)
1 year (7 months of classes and 4-6 months internship)
Main objective: training future managers with international expertise, capable of ensuring the survival of companies in a fast changing world.
8 possible tracks:
At ESSEC Campus, Paris, France:
Mixed (bilingual track)
English track
American (with Thunderbird, USA)
Canadian (with Queen's School of Business, CANADA)
Latin American double degree (with Egade Graduate School of Business, MEXICO)
Latin American exchange (with Egade Graduate School of Business, MEXICO)
50 % Asian (with ESSEC Asian Center, SINGAPORE)
At ESSEC Campus of Singapore:
100 % Asian (with NANYANG Technological University, SINGAPORE)
International dimension
International Curriculum in France or abroad (8 tracks)
International recruitment, 30-40 % of international students representing 25-30 nationalities
85 % of ESSEC Alumni occupy functions with a strong international focus
A professionally-oriented curriculum
90 % of the courses are elective to allow for individually adapted programs and refined career goals : Strategy ; Management ; International business ; International finance ; Marketing.
A company field project and a professional thesis enable students to be evaluated by a firm
Rapid integration into working life
A company field project lasting 4 to 6 months (in France or abroad) and a professional thesis
96% of graduates secure employment in the 4 months after graduation

Financial aids
There are several types of aid:
Company Scholarship (e.g. Thales)
International public scholarships (e.g. Eiffel)
Bank loans at preferential rates for certain countries
The ESSEC Business School Student Accommodation Association makes 886 rooms and small furnished flats available, all within easy reach of the campus, near Paris. In and around Cergy-Pontoise a further 17 halls of residence are available, representing accommodation for approximately 3500 students.
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ESSEC MBA in Hospitality Management - France

Enhancing careers in the hospitality industry
Full time MBA, Paris, France
Totally taught in English
Length: 2 tracks (11 or 23 months) depending on prior qualification
Admission requirements: 2 to 5 years average work experience
Main objective: enhancing careers in the hospitality industry
Strong international hospitality focus
Multicultural students and professors
International strategic focus
Industry involvement and recognition
Significant involvement of companies in the learning process
Alumni in all sectors of the hospitality industry
Rapid integration in the world of work
82 % of the students have a job before and within 4 months of graduation
compulsory consultancy project during 6 months facilitating access to the world of work
A global ESSEC MBA in Hospitality Management Alumni network
Over 1300 graduates 45 nationalities spanning 55 countries - part of the 35 000 strong ESSEC Alumni network.
Financial aids
There are several types of aid:
Company Scholarship
International public scholarships (e.g. Eiffel)
Bank loans at preferential rates for certain countries
The ESSEC Business School Student Accommodation Association makes 886 rooms and small furnished flats available, all within easy reach of the campus, near Paris. In and around Cergy-Pontoise a further 17 halls of residence are available, representing accommodation for approximately 3500 students.
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ESSEC Business School

Firmly established on campuses in Paris and Singapore and with a deep-rooted culture of innovation and entrepreneurship, ESSEC provides leaders with the skills and global vision they need to unlock their potential.
Top European Business School
International Campuses in Paris, France, and Singapore
4 200 full-time students representing 90 nationalities
120 partner universities in 30 countries, 15 double degree agrements
300 partner companies involved in educational programs and recruitment
35 000 alumni around the world
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Diploma in Management Consulting

Understand the Consulting Process
Acquire a wide range of management consulting tools and skills
Understand the factors which contribute to being a successful consultant and running a successful consulting business
Be capable of thinking critically and strategically
Develop good analytical and problem solving skills
Be capable of reflecting, making informed decisions and sharing knowledge and information
Be capable of effectively communicating in an international business environment
Be capable of analysing business problems, applying concepts and knowledge to specific projects/situations and developing innovative business solutions
Understand the current state of the consulting industry
The Diploma in Management Consulting is an intensive 3-week seminar that focuses on the challenges of the consulting profession. The program is aimed at managers who wish to pursue a career either as independent consultants or within a major consulting firm. This program provides an understanding of the consulting process and organisational change together with the skills necessary to lead international consulting projects.

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Undergraduate Program in International Business

The Undergraduate Program in International Business was created for students who wish to enhance their knowledge of international business, management, international culture, and foreign language.
Students who are planning a career abroad should definitely consider joining the program.
Depending on students’ current level of studies, the following programs of study can be followed. Please consult the Program tab for more information on each program:

Undergraduate Certificate (CIB or CBS)
over 1 semester
Bachelor in International Business (BIB)
over 1, 2 or 3 years

The program is open both to French and foreign students recruited through various channels: international students, exchange students from partner institutions, ESC Grenoble program students recruited through the “concours”, study abroad students and any student wishing to complete an undergraduate program in France. All nationalities are welcome.

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Ph.D. Program Philosophy and organization france

Ph.D. Program Philosophy and organization
The goal is to prepare students not only to master methodologies, but also to advance knowledge and play an active role in the international academic community. Before starting their dissertation work, students must follow a two-year program of courses and seminars that ends with Preliminary Examinations and a Dissertation Proposal. The curriculum starts with an intensive period of interdisciplinary training common to all students. This is followed by rigorous research training for the chosen field of specialization.

Organization of the program
The 5 concentrations for 2009-2010:
Management concentration
Decision and Operations Management and Sciences concentration
Marketing concentration
Economics concentration
Accounting and Auditing concentration

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ESSEC & Mannheim Executive MBA - France

ESSEC & Mannheim Executive MBA
High level education designed for a European senior management career
The ESSEC & MANNHEIM Executive MBA is based on an innovative executive development strategy. Taking advantage of the strength of the cooperation between ESSEC in France, the University of Mannheim in Germany and several other partners around the world, the EMBA program offers an interactive curriculum that leads participants to develop corporate and inter-personal skills, preparing them to face the challenges of a global and moving environment.
Besides the development of individuals, the program aims to contribute to a common Europe and to promote European management throughout the world. The format of classes is compatible with full time employment and is designed to fit the schedules of participants living and working in different countries.
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Graduation of the MBA in hospitality management

Graduation of the MBA in hospitality management The 27th graduation of the MBA in hospitality management took place on July 23rd 2009 at the Grand Hotel Intercontinental Paris.
The photo of the 53 graduating students was taken on the steps of the Paris Opera Garnier.
Among the speakers at the graduation ceremony was Jean-Gabriel Pérès E80 President & CEO of Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts.

MBA Hospitality Student at l'Elysée
Marion Brami H09 and the CEO of Louvre Hotels were invited by President Sarkozy and the French government for a special event on the importance and reinforcement of the French apprenticeship scheme.
The President invited fifty companies who committed to hire 100 000 apprentices this coming year.
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MBA in Hospitality Management - France

MBA in Hospitality Management is unique for graduate hotel management education
Discover why the MBA in hospitality management is unique and how it will enhance your career.
Practical information
Program information
Applying to ESSEC Hospitality MBA
Financing your studies
Being a student at ESSEC
Length One Year Track: 11 months
Two Year Track: 23 months
Location Cergy-Pontoise, Paris
Languages English
Next session September 2010
Class size 30 students on each track with 50% non French
Application deadline rolling admissions to April, 1st 2010

Tuition fees One Year Track: 28 000 € (in 2009)
Each year of Two Year Track:
15 000 € (in 2009)
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ESCP - Management School - France

When entering ESCP Europe, you will enter a prestigious management school built upon a culture of academic excellence as well as a true European institution. Both of these dimensions are present throughout all our programmes: the Master in Management, the Full-time Specialized Masters, the Part-time Executive Specialized Masters, the Master in European Business, the European Executive MBA and our range of Executive Education programmes.

As an institution of academic excellence, our courses are taught by our 125 permanent Faculty, who ally teaching, expertise and research activities. One teaches well in areas where one knows how to create knowledge. This is why each year our Faculty publish about 30 works and around a hundred research articles, while also communicating largely in international colloquia.

The scope of our programmes is twofold: conceptual and applied. In addition to our permanent Faculty, over 600 visiting professionals, highly skilled experts in their area, intervene by testifying on their daily experiences. So, in the whole of our programs, our students and participants are able to learn the most actual management practices but also develop a critical view enabling them to innovate in the organizations that they shall join or in which they shall have an activity. This aspect is developed, for instance, in the research project that concludes all graduate programmes: the research paper for the Master in Management, the International Consulting Project for the European Executive MBA, the professional thesis for the Specialized Masters or the application project for the Executive Education programmes.

European Executive MBA
Master in Management
Full-time Specialized Masters
Executive Specialized Masters
Master in European Business
Executive Education
Paris Ph.D. Programme

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MBA in International Business - France

The MBA in International Business is not just another MBA. It is a singular learning experience for people seeking an intellectual challenge within a stimulating multicultural environment. ‘Value-driven global leadership’ is a principle that reflects the ENPC MBA philosophy and mission in the world’s business environment. Located in the center of Paris, the ENPC MBA is a highly international, flexible and personalized program and can be taken on a full-time or part-time basis. All courses are taught in English.

Program Calendars

Full-time program
10 months
• September 1,2008 - July 3, 2009
Semester 1: Courses
Semester 2: Courses + Professional Project

Part-time program
2-year part-time program - 20 months
• September 1, 2008 - July 26, 2010
Semesters 1-3: Courses
Semester 4: Courses + Professional Project

3-year part-time program - 30 months
• September 1, 2008 - July 24, 2011
Semesters 1-5: Courses
Semester 6: Courses + Professional Project
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ENCP MBA - management programs - France

Ecole nationale des ponts et chaussées (ENPC) was the original Grandes Ecole d´Ingenieurs. Regarded as the most elite schools in France, the Grandes Ecoles d´Ingenieurs were established to train the country´s foremost engineers. These schools have evolved over the years, retaining nevertheless their position as the leading educational institutions in France.
The School currently offers six different management programs:

Undergraduate Programs are designed to provide engineers in their 2nd and 3rd year of undergraduate study with an introduction to basic managerial and strategic concepts and tools
The MBA in International Business offers individuals from a wide range of professional backgrounds the opportunity to acquire new skills and to boost their careers
In addition to traditional MBA courses, the MBA in Technology & Entrepreneurship allows individuals to participate in a rich range of courses with a technological and entrepreneurial focus
The Tri-Continent MBA takes students on a life-changing educational voyage from Paris to Philadelphia to Tokyo and Shanghai
The Executive MBA is designed for professionals who would like to earn their MBA whilst still working
Post-Graduate Programs are designed to provide ParisTech doctoral students with a complementary specialization.
We invite you to read our various program descriptions in order to determine which program corresponds best to your past experience and, most importantly, your future aspirations.

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Programmes & Executive Development Course - France

Cranfield School of Management has been helping individuals and businesses across the world learn and succeed by transforming knowledge into action. The school brings together a range of management disciplines through a significant portfolio of activities that includes research and consultancy, postgraduate masters and doctoral programmes, executive development courses, conferences and customised programmes. Our MBA, executive education and doctoral programmes are all highly ranked in the major league tables. One of our key strengths is our faculty, amongst the largest and most diverse of any business school in Europe. Most have managerial experience, a strength reinforced by close links with outside organisations through consultancy and research. A combination of rigorous research and inspirational teaching is at the heart of everything we do. We are dedicated to creating new management thinking, improving business performance and inspiring the next generation of business leaders. We work to change the lives of our students and executives by encouraging innovation and creative thinking as well as a drive to succeed and make a real impact on their organisations. By continually innovating and developing we remain at the forefront of management education and business around the world. All who study here become part of the Cranfield community for life. With over 12,000 alumni in more than 120 countries - it is a truly international and very powerful network of professionals, many of whom are leading figures in business and wider society. Whatever your interest, whether it be as a potential student, corporate client or research collaborator, you will find a warm welcome at Cranfield.
Cranfield’s internationally recognised postgraduate and executive development programmes enable participants to acquire a powerful combination of new knowledge and skills. World-class faculty and highly experienced executive development teams ensure a unique blend of thought leadership, pragmatic application and personal development that equips students and executives to make a significant impact in the organisations they work for. Our MBA, executive education and doctoral programmes are all highly ranked in the major league tables. All who study here become part of the Cranfield community for life. With over 12,000 alumni in more than 120 countries - it is a truly international and very powerful network of professionals, many of whom are leading figures in business and wider society.
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MSc in Luxury Management & Marketing

Become the expert companies want to recruit
Study in Lyon, Geneva and Shanghai
Be part of a selective network in the luxury business
Gain academic knowledge AND work experience
Learn from a faculty of renowned experts in the field
A unique pedagogy powered by the #8 Business School in Europe (FT – Top 65 European Business Schools – December 2008)

The programme starts with general management classes at EMLYON Business School in Lyon, France. Specific courses on management within the luxury industry are provided in Geneva, Switzerland. As the luxury industry by nature is very international, students need to discover the specifics of each business environment. After your time in Europe, you will spend a semester in Shanghai, China, to experience the Asian luxury business environment as well. To help you gain practical experience, the programme also includes a 4-month internship, which the school will help you find.

What our students have to say:

«I chose EML GENEVA’s Master in Luxury Management & Marketing to complement my degree in chemistry with management skills. As my goal is to work in the perfume industry, I am convinced this combination will give me the expertise companies in this sector look for when they recruit.»
Audrey GAFFET, France - EML GENEVA student 2008-2009

«I am very satisfied with the academic level of the programme, the professors are of very high quality. In addition, they are approachable and very open to engage in individual discussions with the class while sharing their knowledge.»
Charles GARDET, USA - EML GENEVA student 2008-2009
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Master of Scienceprovided - France

The 1st Master of Scienceprovided by 3 leading international institutionsin the field of entrepreneurship.

This rigorous Master of Science degree prepares you to be a successful entrepreneur in a global context. The program is unique - it is offered on three continents by the world’s most prestigious entrepreneurial MBA programs.
EMLYON Business School (Europe, France), Babson College (North America, USA), and Zhejiang University (Asia, China) are ranked #1 in Entrepreneurship in their respective regions.
Combining the world’s best entrepreneurial teaching with three diverse global markets, the GEP prepares you to begin a global entrepreneurial career.

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European Master in Management - France

Programme 3 Business Schools 3 Degrees
3 degrees from 3 leading European institutions,
A 2-year multicultural experience,
Worldwide career opportunities.

The programme is a general management course, offering a specialisation in the second year. In the first year, students, studying on the same site (EMLYON Business School during the first year), take fundamental management courses.

For each of these fundamental courses, a team of 3 professors representing each institution establishes an educational itinerary taking into account a three-angle vision from the three cultures.
These redefined courses take on board 3 European outlooks on situations and processes as well as examining the views of these Europeans on the rest of the world. The second year represents the opportunity for students to specialise: Marketing with Aston Business School, Organisation, Change and Strategy with Ludwig Maximilian Universität, and Corporate Finance with EMLYON Business School.

As the last highlight of the programme, students enrolled in this course will receive a triple degree diploma (Aston + EMLYON + LMU).
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MSc in Management programme - France

The MSc in Management programme proposed by EMLYON Business School, may be the appropriate response to your expectations.
If you first have developed skills in engineering, litterature, law, or whatever academic field rather far from management issues, then you may be attracted by the MSc in Management curriculum.This is a general management programme, which enables you to build a tailor made curriculum, which will emerge progressively and will be consistant with the professionnal project you will define more and more precisely during the programme.
If you have already prepared a bachelor degree in management, then you may have more precise perspective regarding your professionnal project. You may feel like you need to specialise during your Master curriculum. You will have the opportunity to involve in a special track, which will enable a specialisation either in marketing, in controlling or in corporate finance. Academic courses, internships, master dissertation will focus on the issues connected to your specialisations and definitely develop specialised skills which will be recognised by the companies as future employers.

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CESMA MBA, E. M. LYON - France

EMLYON is one of the major European business schools. Its educational mission consists in helping people and companies acquire and develop their skills, throughout their lifetimes.
> Découvrir les Solutions de recrutement
> Mastères Spécialisés
> International MBA
> European Master in Management
> Global Entrepreneurship Program
> MSc in Luxury Management & Marketing
> PhD Programme
> Programmes Entrepreneurs

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School of Technology & Management - France

The "Grandes Ecoles" System in France
The "Grandes Ecoles" which are distinct from universities are specific to the French educational system. The model of engineering schools created by Napoleon in the 19th century to train the technical elite of the nation was adopted and adapted by the Chambers of Commerce to train French company leaders. Most French Business Schools are still run by Chambers of Commerce.The selection procedure is based on competitive entrance examinations and is very strict. For example only one in 31 applicants is admitted (2006/2007 average).

Bac+3 – Management and Management techniques
3rd year sandwich course (school-company). One semester in a partner school or university abroad
Bac+4 – International Management
2 years in France and 2 years abroad with a wide choice of partners
Bac+5- Master
"Master of International Management" after a 5th year (after selection, thanks to the IPBS, International Partnership of Business Schools).
Bac+5 Master: School of Technology & Management
Program preparing students to management in a technological environment. TEMA is a partner ECP, Ecole Centrale Paris. In the 5th year, TEMA students have the possibility to follow modules of the Specialized Master in Technology and management In ECP.
After 2 years in a preparation class or a Bac+2 diploma:
Sup de Co Grande Ecole - Sup de Co Graduate School
Bac+5 Master of Management
Generalist Management School. One of the best French management programs, Sup de Co prepares students to assume responsibilities in international companies.

Specialized Masters - Masters of Science:

10 to 16 month professionalising training
Masters in International Financial Analysis, Services Management and Client Relations Management, Business Development & Key Account Management, Technological Innovation and Bio-industries, Asset Management, Retail Management, Entrepreneurship, Management Control, Risk Management and Planning...

Doctoral Program:
PhD programme
Partnership with ECRICOME.

International MBA - Executive MBA :
MBA training is aimed at executives looking for fast development of their management skills and competences in an international environment.
The International MBA is a full time program. The Executive MBA is a part time program which enables executives to continue their professional activity while giving it strong strategic added value.

Executive Education :
Taylor made programs for senior executives.
Company University
Thanks to several decades of experience and prestigious references, the management of Executive Education training has adopted an original positioning in the graduate business school environment. Our audiences are professionals in activity whose expectations focus on learning modes centered on experience and methods.

1 year study program offering guaranteed employment (providing the student obtains his diploma) and a career in retailing.
Reims Management School (RMS) in partnership with CORA offers students a category management apprentice course providing them with the possibility of advancing to Department Manager and Store Manager Positions.

The Institut de Formation Commerciale (Institute for Commercial Training) prepares trainees to the national examination organised by the National Committee for Medical Visiting, a Level III certified* qualification.
Public : BAC-BAC+1-BAC+2 - employees: junior executives - job seekers
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Study in University of Rennes 1 - France

The University of Rennes 1 is one of the two universities in the city of Rennes, France. It is a multidisciplinary institution consisting of three main scientific areas:
Science, Technology, Engineering and Health;
Law, Politics, Economics, Management and Administration Science;
Human Sciences (Philosophy and Communication).
The University provides a great diversity of degrees and training courses in a variety of subjects and training formulae.
Higher education in France
Provision of training
Continuing education
Distance learning
Accreditation of prior learning
Career guidance

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Collège de France

The Collège de France, which is an institute of higher education where basic research is jointly pursued and taught, was founded by François I, King of France from 1515 to 1547. In 1530 he appointed the first Royal Readers : three for Hebrew, two for Greek and one for mathematics. Their function was to teach subjects that were not yet accepted by the University.In the 18th century, the number of Readers was increased to twenty and then to forty at the end of the 19th century. It was not until 1870 that this institution took on the name of Collège de France after having been called Collège Impérial under both Empires.Today, the Readers have become fifty-two Professors working with several hundred researchers, engineers, technicians and administrative staff. The chairs cover a wide range of subjects : mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, history, archaeology, linguistics, oriental studies, philosophy, the social sciences... In addition, two chairs are reserved for foreign scholars who are invited to give lectures. Two further chairs were then created, one in 1989 for a European scholar for a year-long series of lectures ; the other International chair was created in 1992 for scientists and scholars from any part of the world, also for one whole academic year. Since then the Collège is allowed to elect a foreign scientist or scholar to one of the existing fifty-two ordinary chairs.
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