Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Diploma in Management Consulting

Understand the Consulting Process
Acquire a wide range of management consulting tools and skills
Understand the factors which contribute to being a successful consultant and running a successful consulting business
Be capable of thinking critically and strategically
Develop good analytical and problem solving skills
Be capable of reflecting, making informed decisions and sharing knowledge and information
Be capable of effectively communicating in an international business environment
Be capable of analysing business problems, applying concepts and knowledge to specific projects/situations and developing innovative business solutions
Understand the current state of the consulting industry
The Diploma in Management Consulting is an intensive 3-week seminar that focuses on the challenges of the consulting profession. The program is aimed at managers who wish to pursue a career either as independent consultants or within a major consulting firm. This program provides an understanding of the consulting process and organisational change together with the skills necessary to lead international consulting projects.

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