Thursday, September 17, 2009

Study in France

As many as 140,000 International students study at institutes in France every year. Its also growing in popularity among Indian students. Education in France can be affordable as it is subsidised by the State. It is also not necessary to know French for post-graduate study in France as subject areas like Management and engineering are increasingly being taught in English in more and more institutes.
There are two different type of educational institutes you can choose from. Universities and "Grandes Ecoles" ( Described as Competitive Institutes). For further details visit
There are about 87 universities and over 300 Grandes Ecoles in France. A large number of students go to universities which offer general courses and professional courses. The universities cover all disciplines and trains students for research.The Grandes Ecoles take in a lower number of students after a rigorous selection process and offer courses that specializes students in areas that have a direct career applicability. These can be either Public or private institutions.The application ProcedureThe education systems in India and France are very different. You will have to apply to universities and let them decide on the applicability of your previous academic background and experience to the course you are interested to study in. It would be useful for you to visit The French Information Resource Centre at the Embassy of France in Delhi or at the Alliances Francaises in your city to get help in selection of courses and Institutes suitable for your background. For admission to a university, after you have been advised by one of the French Information Resource Centres, you should directly contact the selected university to get a provisional admission form, fill out the form and send the same alongwith attachments to the university. The university will decide on the recognition of your academic background based on the recommendations of an education committee and will decide at which level you can qualify to enter. You will receive a letter of confirmation from the university, which can be used to apply for a long-stay student resident visa.For admission to a "Grande Ecole", you have to appear for a competitive exam - "Concours". The exam is held in France for which you can apply and obtain a special three-month competitive exam visa (visa concours). You will be entitled to a residence permit to take the course you have been admitted to after you clear the exam.When to apply?The academic year in France starts in September or October. Some institutions may also enroll students for spring, summer or winter semesters as well. You can ask for application forms from the universities or from the French Embassy in Delhi between November 15 and January 15. The completed application forms alongwith all attachments must reach the university by 1st February.How much it costs?Tuition FeeTuition fees at universities are very nominal and can vary between FF 800 to FF 4500 per annum. At the Grandes Ecoles the fee ranges between FF 25000 to FF 100000 per annum. Living ExpensesAccommodation - FF 800 to FF 2500 per monthFood - FF 850 to FF 1000 at university restaurants per monthHealth care - FF 2500 to FF 5000 per yearMiscellaneous (transportation and leisure) - FF 500 per monthThe above costs are indicative and can vary from person to person and between universities.Part-time work during studyYou can work for upto 20 hours a week against a permission to do so.Visa RequirementsThe following documents are required to obtain a student visa.- A valid passport- Certificate of registration from a French University/Grandes Ecoles- Proof of having sufficient resources to cover expenses for one year of stay. Please check the exact amount to show from the French Consulate. For further details visit

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